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Case studies, white papers, videos and tips to show how ClearBalance HealthCare® can reduce bad debt while improving patient satisfaction and cash flow for your organization.

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Podcast: MaineGeneral Health’s Balancing Act

Buffy Higgins and Stacey Russell of MaineGeneral Health describe their strategy for a better patient experience, affordable care and improved financial performance.

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KLAS Patient Financial Experience 2020

KLAS Research’s first in-depth analysis of patient financial experience vendors highlights the ClearBalance program as the highest-performing solution.

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Check out our full podcast series where you can stay informed on best practices for patient financing, driving patient loyalty, insight on the constantly evolving healthcare consumer landscape, and so much more on the ClearBalance podcast.

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Top Performers

Meet ClearBalance Account Holder: Harold

Meet Bill

Meet ClearBalance Account Holder: Bill

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Best in KLAS Acceptance Video

Healthcare Digital Front Door

Healthcare Digital Front Door

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What Comes After the Pandemic

Long-term Patient Financial Engagement Strategies

Healthcare Finance Now

Creating a Virtual Patient Financial Experience

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HFMA Pulse Infographic

Future of Patient Pay

Patient Pay 2025

During the next five years, new and distruptive healthcare constituents will make meaningful inroads to own the consumer – further leveraging retail expertise for convenience, self-service and affordability.

These alternative players offer on-demand access to care via mobile apps and convenient locations that will continue to disrupt the traditional healthcare “referral chain” of family physician to specialist and to hospital.

Care Treatment

Care Delivery Modes

Workforce Evolution

Generational Preferences and Financial Needs


Consumerism Study

The Healthcare Consumerism Study by ClearBalance regularly surveys its patient account holders to understand their healthcare financing pain points and expectations.
Executive Brief
Healthcare Consumerism study podcast